Dandelion API @ Sentiment Analysis Symposium 2015

Last week we flew all the way to New York City to attend the 8th Sentiment Analysis Symposium, which we also supported with a bronze sponsorship.

Sentiment Analysis Symposium 2015 Sponsors

During the event we had the opportunity to present our APIs, with a presentation by Ugo Scaiella titled “From bag of words to graph of concepts” (download the presentation in PDF), a demo session by Stefano Parmesan and a booth in the beautiful offices of the New York Academy of Sciences, at the 40th floor of the 7 World Trade Center.

Thanks to the symposium many people had the opportunity to meet the Dandelion API, and we could share many thoughts and ideas about our brand new sentiment analysis API and more in general about our knowledge-graph approach, with many experts in the text-analytics area.

Those who visited our stand were impressed by what our semantic engine for Entity Extraction, which implements a non-NLP approach, can achieve, and we’re very happy to notice that our ideas, that are perhaps the strongest peculiarity of our service, are harvesting compliments from many directions.

We would like to thank Seth Grimes, the chair of the conference, for his precious collaboration, and for this insightful event!

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