A brand new Sentiment Analysis API ready to play with

Communication is about what they hear, not what you say

Recently we found this insightful blog post about making oneself understood when communicating, written by Dave Fleet, the Senior Vice President of Digital in Edelman‘s Toronto office. It’s a must-read, it makes us thinking about the real value of being heard.

Everyone has their own background and context that they overlay on top of what they hear. It’s our jobs as communicators to consider that perspective and to adjust the way we communicate accordingly. If we do, we stand a better chance of persuading them to agree with our point of view.

That’s why applying text analysis to the content of conversations and comments taken from the Net is so important. Using tools like our entity extraction API you can get a better understanding of “what” people are saying.
You could go a step further and try to get an idea of what they really hear and what emotions and opinions your message elicits.

Now we can also help you accomplish exactly that: we’re proud to announce a brand new Sentiment Analysis API to help you detect emotions and opinions in Italian and English texts.

This API analyses a text (even a Tweet or a SMS) and tells whether the expressed opinion is positive, negative, or neutral, returning a label representing the identified sentiment, along with a numeric score ranging from strongly positive (1.0) to extremely negative (-1.0).

We’ve built a demo to showcase our API: it collects some product reviews from the iTunes Store, to mine the overall user’s perception on these mobile apps. Think of it as a potential aid if you want to analyse user feedback before making decisions on the next version of your product.

Analize the sentiment of your content with Dandelion API

The REST endpoint is published at this location:


First register on dandelion.eu, obtain your APP_ID and APP_KEY from the Dashboard page, and then call the API like this:

The JSON response will be:

Ok, it seems that we love really much what we’re building here @SpazioDati 🙂

Stay tuned! During this week we’ll upgrade our add-on for Google Drive to enable Sentiment Analysis to perform directly inside your Google Docs.

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Image attribution: “The scream” from Wikipedia Commons – Public Domain

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